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Agfa Drystar 5500

Agfa recently launched DRYSTAR 5500, a multi-format, high-resolution imager that enables centralized workflow and provides diagnostic quality images for a broad range of modality uses.

Agfa Drystar 5300

The DRYSTAR 5300 imager is economic, totally daylight, designed for tabletop use.

Agfa Drystar 2000

Agfa Drystar 3000

The images have the "look and feel" and resolution of conventional laser images, without employing a complex laser and optical system.

Agfa Compact

Entering the digital age with efficiency, high productivity and economy. Introducing the next generation Computed Radiography (CR) system from AGFA: The ADC Compact.

Agfa CR 75.0

CR 75.0 is a multi-user digitizer.The CR 75.0 features a unique drop-and-go buffer that eliminates waiting times and maximizes productivity

Agfa CR 85-X

CR 85-X is a multi-user digitizer featuring a unique drop-and-go buffer.

Agfa Drystar 5300

This tabletop, next-to-application imager has a small footprint. So you may not notice the imager, but you will surely notice its high-quality hardcopies!

Agfa Drystar 5302

This tabletop, multi-format imager is designed for a decentralized workflow.

Agfa CR 35-X

A compact and convenient CR solution, the CR 35-X is easy to install, use and maintain.

Agfa Drystar 4500 M

The DRYSTAR 4500 M imager produces optimized image quality in digital mammography.

Agfa Drystar 5503

Productivity: it is a key driver in every hospital department. That is why Agfa has developed this multi-format, multi-modality, high-resolution imager. It is ideal for centralized workflow, and is easy to network too,thus helping you meet your goal of increasing departmental productivity.

Agfa CR 30-X Oracle

A compact and convenient CR solution, the CR 30-X is easy to install, use and maintain and provides seamless integration, from X-ray exposure to print or softcopy.

Agfa DX-S

DX-S is a groundbreaking Computed Radiography (CR) solution that has created a new threshold in CR.

Agfa CR-30SP

The CR 30 SP Package introduces Agfa�s new CR 30-Xe digitizer, an exciting new table top CR designed specifically for the smaller practice.

Agfa CR-35 SP

CR 35-SP is an economically equipped package of a highly versatile digitizer. It offers an ideal solution for any decentralized or distributed CR environment.


DRYSTAR AXYS offers a new "axis" for digital radiography workflows, including for mammography imaging

Agfa CR 30-X

The CR 30-X is easy to install, use and maintain and provides seamless integration, from X-ray exposure to print or softcopy.

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