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NHD Chiropractic System

The MPS multi-purpose unit is a complete, modular x-ray system.

NHD Veterinary System

The NHD Series of Veterinary Systems provides your veterinary practice with a number of imaging solutions tailored to your individual requirements.

NHD Generator

NHD 325 and 360 generators combine state-of-the-art electronic technologies with simplicity.

NHD Platinumn Chest DXR

For the unique, high volume demands of the cardiovascular or internal medicine practice, the Chest DXR with a single CCD direct digital receptor allows fast and accurate chest imaging.

NHD Veterinary DRX

A Digital Veterinary Solution is a must for forward thinking Veterinarians

NHD Platinum DXR

Examine more patients each day, up to 3 times that of Computed Radiography or film. DXR systems utilize patented CCD direct digital receptors in conjunction with a choice of dependable,high frequency generators for high quality images within seconds after exposure.<

NHD Gold Series Chest Rad System

The MPS multi-purpose unit is a complete, modular x-ray system.

NHD Platinum DFMT System

A World-Class System for demanding radiology departments and imaging centers.

NHD Platinum FMT

The fully integrated Platinum Series systems are specifically designed to meet the demands of today`s orthopaedic x-ray procedures.

NHD/Summit InnoVet Versa DR

Versa DR sets a new standard in digital radiography.


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