Wall Stands

Quantum Verti-Q Tilt/Rotate QW-420-TR

Quantum VERTI-Q Side Mount Vertical

The VERTI-Q Side Mount Vertical Wall Stand (QW-420-S)includes all of the features of the standard model (QW-420).

Quantum VERTI-Q TILT Vertical Stand

VERTI-Q TILT Vertical Wall Stand (QW-420-T)has an adjustable receptor range of 90 to -15 degrees, providing great flexibility for various exams.

Quantum VERTI-Q Tilt/Rotate Q

Quantum VERTI-Q Vertical Wall Stand

(QW-421. The VERTI-Q Vertical Wall Stand (QW-421) is available for facilities requiring capabilities for full spinal examinations as well as all other standing film sizes.

Quantum VERTI-Q Vertical Wall Stand QW


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