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Catella - CHIRO

American Medical Sales has applied its 50 years of experience helping radiologists see images better to create the Catella

Chiro Gold CFW

The Gold CFW System delivers High Frequency power at an attractive price.

Chiro Select - Platinum CFW

Platinum CFW System - with Anatomical Programming

Chiro Select HF

The ChiroSelect is a stylish radiographic system designed specifically for chiropractic radiography.

Chiro Select Silver

The Silver CFW System offers chiropractors conventional radiography at the best possible price.

NHD Chiropractic System

The MPS multi-purpose unit is a complete, modular x-ray system.

Quantum CHIRO-X

The CHIRO-X line of radiography is designed specifically to meet the needs of chiropractic radiography.

Quantum Chiro-X 1417

Quantum`s Chiro-X 14 x 17 System is ideal for all chiropractic environments.

Quantum Chiro-X System

Digital Radiography (DR) is now affordable for the Chiropractic Professional.

Quantums Chiro-X 1436

Quantum`s Chiro-X 14 x 36 System is ideal for all chiropractic environments. The QS-500 Series Tubestand is easily positioned using dual soft-grip handles.


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