Digital Radiography

Amrad Radvision FN


CMT OmniX U-Arm System

The SmartRAD OmniXTM is a single-panel multi-purpose Universal Arm system providing a cost effective ergonomic solution for the entire range of radiographic examinations.


Del Medical UArm Systems are designed for use in hospital emergency rooms, orthopaedic and all general radiographic applications.

Fuji Premium DR Digital X-ray

Premium DR Digital X-ray

Fuji Speed Suite

A fully integrated digital room replacement from Fuji. In as little as three clicks, you can complete an entire patient exam.

Fuji Velocity-T

Fuji`s revolutionary HD LineScan technology is now available in a digital table.

Fuji Velocity-U

The FCR Velocity

Genesis NEO DR Wireless System

Introducing the world

Konica Regius 370

The REGIUS 370 DR is an upright digital radiography system capable of supporting a wide range of clinical applications.

NHD Platinum DFMT System

A World-Class System for demanding radiology departments and imaging centers.

NHD Platinum DXR

Examine more patients each day, up to 3 times that of Computed Radiography or film. DXR systems utilize patented CCD direct digital receptors in conjunction with a choice of dependable,high frequency generators for high quality images within seconds after exposure.<

NHD Platinumn Chest DXR

For the unique, high volume demands of the cardiovascular or internal medicine practice, the Chest DXR with a single CCD direct digital receptor allows fast and accurate chest imaging.

Pausch Single Detector

Pausch enters the DR marketplace with the Single Detector System.

Quantum Q-RAD SQ

Quantums Q-RAD SQ system provides innovation and economy in a Single Receptor Digital System.

Quantum QV-800 Universal System


Quantum D-qiX Ditial Imaging

Quantum Medical Imaging`s D-QiX program simplifies the upgrading of our general radiographic equipment to an integrated digital radiographic system.

Quantum Q-RAD DQ

The Q-RAD DQ SYSTEM focuses on the future with a Dual Digital Receptor Configuration.

Quantum Q-RAD IQ

The Q-RAD IQ SYSTEM focuses on the future with a Dual Digital Receptor Configuration.

Quantum Q-RAD-PQ

The Q-Rad-PQ System features the same elements as the standard Q-Rad-PQ System, with the

Quantum Q-RAD-SQ

The Q-Rad-SQ system provides full imaging capabilities for upright, recumbent, cross-table, decubitus and extremity studies.

Quantum QV 9000

Quantum Medical Imaging has designed the QV9000 for use in hospital emergency departments, traumatology and all general radiology applications.

Quantum Vision Tech

Digital Detector Technology with Digital Image Preview


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