Computed Radiography

Agfa Compact

Entering the digital age with efficiency, high productivity and economy. Introducing the next generation Computed Radiography (CR) system from AGFA: The ADC Compact.

Agfa CR 30-X

The CR 30-X is easy to install, use and maintain and provides seamless integration, from X-ray exposure to print or softcopy.

Agfa CR 30-X Oracle

A compact and convenient CR solution, the CR 30-X is easy to install, use and maintain and provides seamless integration, from X-ray exposure to print or softcopy.

Agfa CR 35-X

A compact and convenient CR solution, the CR 35-X is easy to install, use and maintain.

Agfa CR 75.0

CR 75.0 is a multi-user digitizer.The CR 75.0 features a unique drop-and-go buffer that eliminates waiting times and maximizes productivity

Agfa CR 85-X

CR 85-X is a multi-user digitizer featuring a unique drop-and-go buffer.

Agfa CR-30SP

The CR 30 SP Package introduces Agfa�s new CR 30-Xe digitizer, an exciting new table top CR designed specifically for the smaller practice.

Agfa CR-35 SP

CR 35-SP is an economically equipped package of a highly versatile digitizer. It offers an ideal solution for any decentralized or distributed CR environment.

Agfa DX-S

DX-S is a groundbreaking Computed Radiography (CR) solution that has created a new threshold in CR.


a reliable, compact, tabletop imaging solution with a small footprint and light weight design. It allows seamless integration into your existing work flow, and helps increase efficiency and productivity, all at an affordable price.


The FCR PRIMA is one of the most compact and lightweight reader units on the market.

Fuji Carbon-X

The Carbon XL is optimal for remote or low volume areas with less demanding workflow.

Fuji Carbon-XL

The Carbon-XL is ideal for small to medium sized facilities where higher throughput and high quality images are a must

Fuji ClearView-CS

Premium Digital X-ray for High Volume EnvironmentsThe ClearView-CS is the first high capacity digital x-ray system to feature dual-side reading technology for premium imaging applications.

Fuji FCR XC-2

Ideal for lower-volume or offsite locations.

Fuji FCR XL-1 /XC-1

Both the FCR XL-1 and FCR XC-1 incorporates all the imaging sophistication of Fuji`s flagship digital X-ray systems.

Fuji FCR XL-2

The FCR XL-2. Perfect for higher-volume environments.

Fuji Smart CR

The SmartCR, with its compact 3 sq. feet footprint and throughput of up to 90 IPs/hour, is a powerful workhorse in a small package.

Fuji XG2000

The XG2000 is one of the most innovative CR systems ever brought to market

Fuji XG5000

The Highest Throughput, making it ideal for high volume environments like Main Departments or Trauma where quick image availability is critical.

Konica ImagePilot CR

The ImagePilot CR System is a new generation CR

Konica iQue

IQue is an intelligent, yet simple to use CR system that automatically recognizes each exam view and applies the appropriate algorithms.

Konica IQue (SE)

IQue SE features auto recognition and self-learning capabilities designed to address unique requirements of Imaging Centers, Orthopedic offices, clinics and hospital departments.

Konica Nano-CR

Now you can easily convert your clinic to digital radiography with the REGIUS Nano CR System.

Konica Nano-CR Enterprise

Who says technology has to be complicated ?
Konica Minolta`s Nano-CR Enterprise edition brings innovative technology designed to make your job easier.

Konica Nano-CR P (Private Practice)

Konica brings the Nano-CR P Class - Private Physician Office Solution to your practice.

Konica Nano-CR Pilot

The ImagePilot CR System is a new generation CR

Konica Regius IM

Introducing the New REGIUS Image Manager. The REGIUS-IM is an addition to the successful Konica Minolta REGIUS CR product line.

Konica Xpress CR

The latest break-through in CR technology, delivers unsurpassed total performance in workflow, image quality, and configurability.

Radlink CR Pro 2000

The CR Pro2000 is a high-productivity, small-footprint, 16-bit CR designed for all primary diagnostic applications that demand clinical accuracy and rapid cycle times.The CR Pro2000 is fully automatic and accepts a variety of cassette sizes up to 14" x 17".

RadLink CR Pro

Utilizing Radlink`s "sealed Fiber-Optic laser technology" (patent pending), the CR Pro delivers high-resolution, diagnostic-quality images. The equipment requires little or no internal calibration or adjustment during its service life.

Radlink CR Pro

Now, operations as small as single physician private practices, can afford top quality digital radiography and the image management infrastructure to support it.


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