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CR 35-SP is an economically equipped package of a highly versatile digitizer. It offers an ideal solution for any decentralized or distributed CR environment.

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CR 35-SP is also a perfect compliment to existing centralized CR systems. In combination with an optional mobile kit, it is also fit for mobile use (vans, ships, military, etc.).

Add an Option, Brighten Your Digital Future*

  • NX Optiview: Square Marker, Grid Line Suppression and Black Border licenses
  • NX Integrated Workflow: Emergency, MPPS & Viewing Prior licenses
  • NX Precision Tools: Advanced Annotations & Measurements & MUSICA Advances Processing licenses
  • NX Quality Assurance: Dose Consistency Reporting & Repeat/Reject program licenses
  • NX RIS Connectivity: Link to DICOM or non-DICOM RIS
  • NX Full Leg Full Spine: Stitching license
  • NX Pediatric: Optimized Pediatric processing with age groups

Optional CR User Station/The CRUS
  • Cassette identification functions
  • Monitor, network switches and UPS
  • Cassette storage
  • Workstation for image handling, processing and dispatching
  • Scoliosis and Long Leg Imaging Option

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