Konica Minolta Computed Radiography Acquisition Workstation


CS7 Integrated Control Station
Konica Minolta Computed Radiography Acquisition Workstation, CS-7, Integrated Control Station

CS-7 has multiple functions which provides you useful workflow.

   – Control AeroDR detectors and KonicaMinolta CR devices.

   – Send patient images to PACS and Dry Imagers.

   – Obtain examination information from RIS and sends back each results.

   – Link up X-ray exposure condition with X-ray console.

   – Write patient images on CD/DVD with DICOM, PDI and JPEG format.

Technical Specifications:

DICOM services:

  • DICOM Storage SCU
  • DICOM Print SCU
  • DICOM Modality Worklist Management
  • DICOM Storage Commitment SCU

Maximum resolution:

  • -Up to 2 DICOM Store Plus 1 Backup
  • -Up to 1 DICOM Print Plus 1 Backup

Image processing:

  • Automatic gradation processing (G processing)
  • Frequency processing (F processing)
  • Equalization processing (E processing)
  • Hybrid Processing (H processing) 
  • Image storage capacity:
  • Approx. 5,000 images