Harmful UV Light Exposure

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Radiology Imaging Solutions would like to make you and your facility aware of the possible result in severe damage to your DR and CR systems and/or components due to long term exposure to UV light. If your facility would like to continue treating the room with UV light, we strongly recommended completely removing all of the DR and CR systems and/or components including the CPU, monitors, keyboards, mouse, reader unit, cassettes and IP, and/or DR components. If damaged by UV, the component may lead to failing altogether.

If the plastic has been affected by ultraviolet rays, you may notice:

-a chalky appearance

-the component surface becoming brittle

-a color change on the surface of the material

Please contact us immediately if you have any questions or concerns regarding UV light exposure and your x-ray systems/components.

If you would like more information regarding the affects of UV light and DR/CR equipment please continue to read more here.

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