Image Processing

Radiology Imaging Solutions offers a comprehensive approach to meet the repair needs of our customers. During normal business hours our service dispatch team will assess your situation and assign your service request to one of our service engineers.

Most often a simple phone call from a member of our Service Field team might resolve the issue. If onsite service is required, we will see that your case is scheduled with the earliest available team member. We offer complete after-hours and weekend support (24×7) for all of your processing needs. Our team of experienced image processing specialists are expertly trained on all of the equipment within their areas of expertise.

Preventative Maintenance Guidelines

Radiology Imaging Solutions offers a comprehensive approach to meet the repair needs of our customers. We have developed the following guidelines for preventative maintenance:

Minimum Preventative Maintenance Guidelines

  • Each facility will be called the week prior to the scheduled visit.  The contact person will be noted, and any concerns or problems will be noted for the service technician.
  • Prior to the start of all preventative maintenance, the service technician will inquire about the processors’ performance.  Any problems or concerns will be noted and addressed.
  • All racks, x-overs, and other removable assemblies will be removed for cleaning, inspection, and repair or replacement of worn or broken parts.
  • Processor tanks will be drained, cleaned, and inspected.
  • The developer and fixer racks, and/or tanks, will be chemically cleaned when necessary.
  • All filters or screens will be cleaned or replaced.
  • The processor tanks will be refilled to the proper levels with fresh solutions.  The correct amount of developer starter will be added.  Also, solution recirculation will be checked and noted.
  • The developer, fixer, wash, and dryer temperatures will be checked, adjusted if necessary, and noted.
  • All remaining film transport assemblies will be cleaned and inspected for repairs or replacement of any worn or broken parts.  This includes any belts or chains.
  • All pumps, motors, and electrical components will be inspected for proper operation.  Any malfunctioning components will be replaced as necessary.
  • The processors’ interior will be inspected and thoroughly cleaned.
  • All tubing will be inspected for leaks or obstructions.
  • All removable side panels will be cleaned and replaced to their proper positions.
  • The darkroom will be left clean and orderly.  Any potential problems (light leaks, water leaks, drain backup, etc.) will be reported or repaired.  The overall appearance of the darkroom and processor area should have noticeable improvement.
  • Test films will be processed to check the entire operation of the processor.  If a Q.C. program is being utilized, a strip will be processed if desired.  The Q.C. parameter will be evaluated, and adjustments will be made if necessary.

Service Contract Coverage

One Fixed Cost to Keep You Operational:

Many customers experience intermittent problems or small annoyances. No more waiting for purchase orders, no more delays in scheduling small service events or worrying about the price. Our goal with every Service Contract is to address your issues before they turn into bigger, more costly events

Phone Support:

If you have a question, our technical staff is prepared to assist you at no additional charge.

Preventative Maintenance:

At Radiology Imaging Solutions., we believe in preventing costly downtime and interruptions to your daily patient scheduling. That is why our service contracts include annual preventative maintenance and calibrations checks. A service we include at no additional charge.

Priority Response:

A customer with a service contract is our most important customer. You will receive the highest level of response available in the industry. No waiting in a queue for the next available service engineer. You are put at the top of the list.

Peace of Mind:

When you have a problem, contact us immediately and one of our service engineers will begin the process of troubleshooting. Most issues can be handled over the telephone. If we need to come to you, we’ll arrange for the closest and most knowledgeable engineer to be dispatched to your location. All of our engineers carry a variety of common parts to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

Our Sales Team is highly knowledgeable in today’s latest technologies and are available to answer all of your questions. All of our Service Engineers have undergone extensive Factory OEM Training and are available 24×7 as your service needs arise Our Technical Support Specialists are available 24×7 to assist you with all of your needs.