Do You Need Financing?

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Are you looking for financing? We’ve got you covered! We have incredible relationships with two different financing opportunities to suit what is best for you and your company. Check out the options below and start financing today!



Chiropractic Federal Credit Union (CFCU) is a not-for-profit member-supported financial institution, offering lower-cost banking and loan services to chiropractors, their employees and families. In 1950, a group of seven Michigan chiropractors who had been denied loans from other financial institutions decided to pool their resources, forming a credit union to support fellow chiropractors. The initial investment was $5 each totaling $35. Over 70 years later, CFCU proudly serves almost 3,000 member with more than $42 million in total assets.

CFCU remains the only credit union of its kind in the nation. For more than seven decades “our mission has remained the same: To provide the Chiropractic Family with a member-owned financial institution that invests in the promotion of Chiropractic through the support of the members’ business and personal financial needs.”



Why should you finance with Reliant Capital? Here is a list of some of the benefits of working with Reliant Capital:

  • 3months – 12 months deferred payment options
  • No prepayment penalties, buy out after 12 months… Principle only
  • Application only financing up to $250,000 (anything over requires financials)
  • Reliant Capital finance A-D credits (tax liens, judgements, prior BK’s)
  • Start-up financing – Surgery Centers, Hospitals, Private Practices
  • DocuSign documents
  • Rates start at 4.99%
  • 2 – 4 hour credit approvals
  • 6 months – 84 months terms available
  • Add soft cost into your financing
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