Amrad Medical Advantage AA4 FRS System

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Amrad Medical Advantage AA4 FRS System


Amrad Medical Advantage AA4 FRS System

Introducing the all-new FRS: Multi-purpose CR and DR Ready Radiographic Solution. This unique, multi-purpose radiographic system is designed for today’s digital departments. Ideal for use with ambulatory patients, this system helps you to improve productivity and optimize workflow. The FRS can be adapted for most current CR and DR solutions…all within your budget.

Floor Mounted design minimizes installation requirements.

The FRS is ideal for ambulatory patient settings and comes standard with a 500 lb. patient capacity mobile table. Available as a CR or DR ready system, the FRS can be adapted to use with most current CR and DR solutions.

Floor Mount Tubestand

  • 8 foot floor rail
  • Manual, fully counterbalanced movement
  • Longitudinal, vertical and rotational electric locks
  • Longitudinal travel: 72 inches
  • Vertical travel: 59 inches
  • Tube rotation: ± 135º
  • Easy to move floor mounted tube stand and motorized detector stand movement helps improve productivity and optimize workflow
  • Traditional floor mounted tube stand means no complicated learning curve for technologists
  • Floor mounted design minimizes installation requirements
  • Mobile table with 500 pound patient capacity provides a full-featured system with maximum imaging capability and flexibility
  • Certified Manual Collimator
Amrad Medical Advantage AA4 FRS System

Motorized, elevating detector stand

  • Footswitch and hand button operation.
  • -15º to +105º manual Bucky rotation in 5° increments.
  • Tray for CR or wireless DR cassettes.
  • Enclosure for fixed DR panels.
  • Removable 178 line, 8:1, mid-focus grid
  • Collision sensing and power disrupt.
  • Compatible with CR or DR and customizable with any power generator, the FRS can be configured for the needs of any facility.

Configuration Flexibility

  • 30kW to 80kW generators
  • Up to 400,000 Heat Unit x-ray tube
  • Compatible with most CR and DR technology


  • Automatic Exposure Control (AEC)
  • Alternative grids


Mobile Table with 500 Pound Patient Capacity