Amrad Medical Advantage DFMT Elite System

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Amrad Medical Advantage DFMT Elite System


Amrad Medical Advantage DFMT Elite System

Performance, Versatility and Value

Designed for high volume throughput for hospitals, orthopedics and medical imaging facilities. The DFMT Elite can perform a broad range of exams while optimizing technologist productivity and patient workflow. Simplicity and functionality provide broad positioning capability for patient procedures, including cross table laterals. Feature-rich controls and ease of use enables the technologist to focus on patient care.

Tube Stand

Floor mounted rail for longitudinal positioning to table and wall stand.

Transverse and rotational positioning for a broad range of patient exams.

Adaptive Optimal Display shows continuous SID to table and wall stand.

Smart button technology for ease of positioning


Trunnion mount

Amrad Medical Advantage DFMT Elite System Tube Stand

Elevating Table

  • Elevating, four-way float, flat top for easy transfer and positioning of patients.
  • 650 pound patient capacity.
  • Recessed four pedal design provides easy operation and patient safety.
  • Collision protection and fail-safe locks for added patient safety.
  • Table Elevation Control Handle (T.E.C.H.) with lock release
  • Indicator light for optimal working table height.
  • Options:
  • 35.5 inch wide table top.
Amrad Medical Advantage DFMT Elite System Elevating Table

Wall Stand

  • Center or side mounted for patient and/or configuration flexibility
  • Ergonomic lock release handle for ease of positioning
  • Side mounted and overhead hand grip for patient stability and positioning
  • Remote collimator light improves productivity


  • Dual sided lock release
  • Long format 17 x 51-inch

Overhead Patient Handgrip

For lateral exams and weight bearing studies for 360° positioning with increments at every 5° for maximum flexibility.

Remote Collimator Light

Conveniently turn collimator light on from the wall stand

Smart Button Technology

Rotating the angulation handle from table to wall stand, the buttons for vertical and horizontal movement intuitively swap functions for seamless operation.

Table Height Indicator

Ensures optimal working height

Adaptive Optimal Display

As the angulation handle is rotated to the wall stand, the display changes orientation for easy viewing

Simple Service

LED operational status indicators


Table Elevation Control Handle for table top lock release and vertical movements.

Amrad Medical Advantage DFMT Elite System