Amrad Medical Advantage OTS System

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Amrad Medical Advantage OTS System


Amrad Medical Advantage OTS System


Optimal mechanical balancing and light weight design for ease of equipment and patient positioning with precision and speed. 

Modular electrical assemblies facilitate shortened installation, calibration and service times. 

360° for column rotation and 270° for vertical tube rotation ensures imaging flexibility for the most difficult patient exams. 

45° detents ensure positioning easeSafety devices include negative locks on horizontal and vertical rotation in the event of a power outage. Ergonomically designed with motorized vertical-assist for ease of use and movement.

CE/CSA Listed•

OTS-M (Manual)

In this model, the angulation and rotation locks are electromagnetic and remain ON even when the system is powered OFF. The electromagnetic longitudinal and transversal locks remain ON only when the system is ON. The vertical axis operates with a motor that expands or contracts the telescopic column and at the same time, carries out blocking functions for system collision protection.

OTS-AT (Auto-tracking)

In addition to the features of the OTS-M, the OTS-AT includes automatic alignment of the tube with the elevating table and wallstand.


Tube Rotation: +/- 180° with detents every 45° rotation about the vertical columnTube Angulation: +/-135° with detents every 45° about the horizontal axis


Vertical travel is 1600 mm (63 inches) Transverse travel is 2401 mm (95 inches)

Longitudinal travel is 4866 mm (192 inches)

Rail and Bridge Lengths

Bridge Lengths: 10 feet standard (other lengths, optional)

Longitudinal Rail Lengths: 15 feet standard (other lengths, optional)

Focus-Ceiling minimum distance is 715mm (28 inches) 

Focus-Ceiling maximum distance is 2335 mm (92 inches) 

Longitudinal travel maximum is 4866 mm (187 inches)

Elevating Four-way Float Top Table

  • Flat, four-way, floating top permits easy transfer and positioning of patients.
  • Designed for all types of applications,available in 400 and 650 pound patient capacities.
  • Four-pedal design allows for easy access to table lock release.
  • Collision-protection and fail-safe locks ensure safe operation.
  • Four-way lock release and elevation handle.

             Available Options:

  • 35.5 inch wide table top
  • Four-way lock release handle
  • Non-elevating version.
  • Available in 400 and 650 pound patient capacities.
  • Rotating Cassette Tray.

Wall Stand

  • Center or side mounting of Bucky makes this wallstand flexible for any patient application or installation
  • Ergonomically designed handle for ease of positioning wall receptor
  • Side-mounted hand grips help to stabilize patients during PA exams
  • Overhead Patient Grip
  • Remote Collimator Light

      Available Options:

  • Rotating Cassette Tray
  • Dual-sided Lock Release
  • Tilting Wallstand
Amrad Medical Advantage OTS Wall Stand