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Del Medical Vision R Surgical C-ARM


Del Medical Vision R Surgical C-ARM

Surgical C-ARM Mobile fluoroscopic system with high frequency pulsing generator.

Real-time Imaging

The Vision R is a surgical, feature-rich mobile system designed to perform a wide range of fluoroscopic applications. Its refined movement capabilities, high resolution, and dose efficiency make it a smart solution for procedures in surgery, orthopedics, urology, cardiology, and pain management. 

Powerful Pulsing Generator

The Vision R features a 20kW monoblock generator with a rotating anode. This industry-leading pulsing generator provides short, sharp pulses at up to 30 pulses per second aimed towards minimizing dose exposure and maximizing image quality.

Vision R

Dynamic Visualization

The high-resolution CCD camera enables anatomic visualization in a high dynamic range and is a key component in the imaging chain. With 1 k x 1 k resolution and more than 4,000 shades of gray, it visualizes even the smallest anatomical structures. This is extremely beneficial in demanding applications like interventional vascular or cardiac procedures. The stand-alone image cart features dual 19” TFT color flat screen monitors that stand out for their outstanding brightness and contrast, even from a distance.  

Simulate Before Exposure

PreMag is an intelligent preview function that allows the operator to simulate the size of a magnified image before taking a second exposure. Based on the initial scan, a specifically defined region can be previewed through magnifier 1 or 2 without any additional exposure for the patient. After the magnification adjustments have been made, the operator can make an exposure if necessary.

ODDC Technology

The Vision R greatly simplifies patient positioning and dose control. ODDC technology (object detected dose control) creates a matrix over the entire scan field and uses 256 measurement cells to scan the region of interest in real time. All settings, including the dose level and noise filters, are automatically adapted to the patient’s position. This feature works to reduce patient dose and improve image quality. 

Anatomically Programmed

The Vision R has predefined organ programs that create less guess-work for operators and promote low dose examinations. These programs aid in achieving optimal image quality, especially for larger patients, where dose concentration must be sufficient and precise. 

SmartDose Technology

Achieve the best imaging quality with the smallest dose! This comprehensive concept for dose reduction allows the physician and staff to significantly reduce dose while optimizing image quality. SmartDose benefits both patients and staff alike with its significant dose savings. The Vision R sets the benchmark in user-friendly adjustment of dose exposure.

Precise Positioning

All steering and brake functions are controlled by a single lever providing optimal maneuverability and convenience, especially in tight spaces. The compact footprint and easy-drive system of the Vision R allows for effortless movement on carpeted and tiled surfaces. All C-Arm movements are fully counterbalanced in every position. The wide C-Arm opening of 29.9” (76cm) provides an ideal work space with few restrictions. 

Intuitive User Interface

The Vision Center is a highly adjustable touchscreen control panel mounted to the mobile stand as well as on the monitor cart. These touchscreens provide users with access to the same synchronized system controls found on both units. Vision R’s intelligent and easy-to-follow user interface makes operation of the imaging system simple and intuitive. Operators can simply choose a desired anatomical program from a comprehensive list, which will automatically adjust the imaging parameters to the region of interest. This ensures the best image quality and lowest dose levels.

Full Control with SmartEye

SmartEye image mirroring conveniently displays the monitor image on the touchscreen. This provides the user with a live replica to keep track of orientation and object positioning. Faster then ever, images can be transferred from left or right monitor utilizing drag and drop gestures. SmartControl functionality allows operators to make adjustments to brightness, contrast, image mirroring and rotation with just a swipe of a finger. The virtual iris and slot collimator are equally intuitive, allowing users to easily preselect collimator settings for the upcoming image.

Del Medical Vision R Surgical C-ARM SmartEye

Advanced Active Cooling

C-Arms need to be in continuous use during lengthy, demanding procedures such as vascular and cardiac interventions. The unique liquid cooling system, Advanced Active Cooling (AAC), standard on the Vision R, is more effective than cooling systems of conventional C-Arms and keeps the generator at an ideal operating temperature. This provides uninterrupted usage even during long and difficult procedures where reliability is crucial.

Seamless Integration

The Vision R features an open interface which enables easy integration into existing IT networks. Patient data saved in DICOM 3.0 format can be transferred to a PACS or HIS / RIS system. Data can be retrieved from the monitor cart at any time. Data can also be backed up to DVD or USB and printed on transparencies or paper. (DVD burner and printer are available as optional features)

Technical Specifications:

Vision R C-arm:

Motorized vertical travel:       17″ (43 cm)

Horizontal travel:                    9″ (22 cm)

Orbital rotation:                   -90° / +45° ( 9” (23 cm) i.i.) / +25° (12” (31 cm) i.i.)

Angulation:                            ±225°

Swiveling (panning):              ±10°

Source/image distance:        38″ (97 cm)

C-arm vertical free space:     30″ (76 cm)

C-arm depth:                          27″ (68 cm)

Width:                                     32″ (80 cm)

Length:                                   74-83” (188-210 cm)

Height:                                    70-87” (179-222 cm)

C-arm mobile stand weight: 9” I.I. : 838 lbs. (380 kg) , 12” I.I. : 877 lbs. (398 kg)

Monitor cart weight:              353 lbs. (160 kg)

Generator type:                      – Monoblock-   – 20kHz high frequency-     – microprocessor-controlled-

Monitor Cart


  – Screen size: 18.1” (46 cm)

– Native resolution: 1280 x 1024 pixels 

– Viewing angle (horizontal/vertical): 170° 

– Contrast ratio: 600:1

– Dimensions: 16 x 13 x 3” (41 x 34 x 7 cm)

​User Interface:                     

  – TFT touchscreens on C-arm and monitor cart

– synchronized

– intuitive icons for easy use

– multi-lingual

Digital Image Processing

Processing functions:          

– Recursive filter: 4 levels (out of 16)

– Stack filter (last image hold): 5 levels

– Edge enhancement filter: 5 levels

– Zoom: 3 levels

– Windowing and step windowing 

– Digital image rotation and reversal without radiation

– Grayscale inversion

– Image cropping

Cine loop:                              

– Sequential image storage and display 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 30  frames/sec

– Cine loop start, stop and replay rate controls

Digital Memory

Storage capacity:                   4 levels (out of 16)

Memory matrix:                      1024 x 1024 pixels

Image matrix:             1024 x 1024 pixels

Digital image processing:     Up to 32 bit

Grayscale:                              4096 shades of gray (12 bit)