Del Medical Mobile Direct Radiography System


Del Medical Mobile Direct Radiography System

All-in-One Mobile Solution

Powered by an on-board 40kW high frequency generator, 300kHu X-ray tube, and the user-friendly DELWORKS image acquisition workstation, the MDR is intended to be an all-inclusive mobile imaging solution.

Collapsible Column Design

The compact collapsible column of the MDR makes it easy for operators to navigate through crowded spaces without the visual obstruction of a standard column.

Del Medical Mobile Direct Radiography System

Maneuverable and Safe

Its motor assisted drive adapts to the operator’s preferred walking pace, creating smooth and predictable control in tight spaces. A comfortable, fail safe drive handle ensures user confidence by automatically stopping system movements when released. In addition, a touch sensing anti-collision bumper is included to alert users of accidental contact.

Del Medical MDR Anti-Collision Bumper

Motor Assisted Inching

System controls are conveniently placed on the tube head to allow subtle forward, backward, right and left movement to deliver added precision when setting up bedside examinations. This functionality prevents the need for the operator to return to the drive handle.

Single-user Interface

The DELWORKS driven MDR workstation acts as a control hub by seamlessly integrating all system components. This allows technologists to easily view and continuously monitor all vital generator and detector information directly from a large 19” touchscreen monitor. Its high contrast ratio and wide viewing angles provide technologists with superior viewing capability. 

Del Medical Mobile Direct Radiography System

Convenient Storage

The MDR provides users with a large storage area to comfortably hold and access all necessary accessories such as grids, additional batteries, and most importantly — DELWORKS E-Series DR detectors.

Del Medical MDR Storage

Full Day Battery Life

The MDR features a lead acid maintenance free battery design that provides up to 8 hours of movement and imaging without requiring a charge. A power cord reel gives operators access to nearby outlets without dealing with tangled cords.

Lightweight, Wireless DR Detectors

The MDR is compatible with E-Series wireless detectors, available in standard 14 x 17” and 24 x 30cm sizes.

Del Medical E-Series Wireless DR Detectors; 14x17in and 24x30cm

Technical Specifications:

MDR Mobile System:

Width (transport position):    22.7″ (57.6 cm)

Length (transport position):  46.2″ (117.3 cm)

Height (transport position):   53.3″ (135.4 cm)

Transport handle height:       35″ (89 cm)

Focus-ground distance:        27.2″ (69 cm) to 80.5″ (204.5 cm)

Max height:    86″ (217.6 cm)

Arm extension (telescopic):  14.2″ (36 cm)

Front range:   28″ (71 cm) to 42″ (107 cm)

Lateral range: 20″ (51.7 cm) to 34.5″ (87.7 cm)

Rotation of X-ray tube head: A-swivel, ±180° B-swivel, ±320° (from transport position) C-swivel, 127° (90° forward, 37° backward)

Speed forward (in transport position):  0-3 mph

Speed forward (in working position): 0-1.6 mph

Speed backwards:     0-1.6 mph

Weight (batteries included):  959lbs. (435 kg)

DR Workstation:

Operating system:     Windows 10 Pro 64-bit  

Processor:      3.0 GHz, Intel Core i5  16 GB RAM, 

Storage/memory:       1 TB HD