Del Medical’s Generators


Anthem Generator Series

PRODUCT CODE: AN-30, AN-32, AN-40, AN-50

Del Medical Anthem Generator Series

A high frequency, anatomically programmed with LCD display and an advanced microprocessor control design.

The ANTHEM operates in three user-friendly modes; APR (Anatomically Programmed Radiography), 2-point or 3-point technique set-up and allows customization of operation to meet the needs of the particular practice and the preferences of the technologist. Simply choose the region of interest, select the desired examination, then select patient size to display the pre-programmed technique. The ANTHEM’s programming process allows authorized personnel fast modification of the programmed mA, kV and/or time. When the 2-point operation of setting mAs and kV is used, the software will automatically choose the highest mA and shortest time to reduce motion and deliver high quality images. The traditional 3-point selection of kV, mA and time is provided to accommodate the needs of specialized views and the preference of some technologists.

Technical Specifications:

Anthem X-ray Generator:

Maximum mA: 650

kW rating:                   30 – 50 kW

kVp range:                  40 – 125 kVp

Two-point operation: mAs range: 1.0 – 600

Three-point operation:           15 mA stations: 25S/50S/75S/100S/100L/150L/200L/250L/300L/350L/400L/450L/500L/550L/600L/650L

Time stations: 75

Calibration time:        10 – 15 min.

Power supply: 208 – 240 VAC 1 Phase           208 – 480 VAC 3 Phase

Available configurations:     

– 400 mA, 30 kW, 1P

– 500 mA, 30 kW, 1P

– 500 mA, 32 kW, 3P

– 500 mA, 40 kW, 1P

– 600 mA, 40 kW, 3P

– 650 mA, 50 kW, 3P


– Wall mount for console

– Exposure handswitch

– Automatic exposure control (AEC)

– In table version

  (Available on RT100 radiographic tables only)



CPI’S CM Generator Series

PRODUCT CODE: CM-40, CM-50, CM-65, CM-80

Del Medical CPI’S CM Generator Series

Compact in size, lightweight generators that are a cost effective solution for all radiographic applications. CM Series generators offer advanced high quality radiographic capabilities with unmatched performance and reliability, resulting in the lowest cost of ownership over the product lifetime. This generator is suitable for film and CR / DR-based radiographic systems and features leading edge computer-based controls to minimize patient dose and maximize image quality while demonstrating excellent reproducibility with user-friendly operator controls.

Technical Specifications:

CPI CM SERIES X-ray Generator:

Generator Type:        High Frequency Output (maximum 400 kHz)

kVp range:     40-125 kV (32 kW / 40 kW) / 40-150 kV (50 kW)

mA Range:     10-400 mA (32 kW)/10-500 mA (40 kW)/10-630 mA (50 kW)

mAs Range:   0.1-500 mAs (32 kW / 40 kW) / 0.1-630 mAs (50 kW)

Input Phase/Voltage:                        208-230 VAC (1 phase)            208-230 VAC (150 kV optional 3 phase)

400-480 VAC (150 kV optional 3 phase)


-Automatic Exposure Control (AEC)

-Dose Area Product (DAP)

-Exposure Hand Switch

-Membrane Control Console

-Mini-Control Console



CPI’S IN Generator Series

PRODUCT CODE: IN-30, IN-32, IN-40, IN-50, IN-65, IN-80, IN-100

Del Medical CPI’S IN Generator Series

CPI’S IN Series generators are high-quality high-frequency X-Ray generators that provide peak output powers from 30kW to 100kW at up to 180 Hz output frequency. The generator features state-of-the-art computer-based control to ensure minimum patient dose, excellent reproducibility, and superior image contrast. The optional touch screen monitor presents a simple and user-friendly GUI interface.

Technical Specifications:

CPI IN SERIES X-ray Generator:

Maximum mA:           1000 (adjustable for each focal spot)

kW rating:      32 – 100 kW

kVp range:     Radiography 40 to 150 kV / Fluoroscopy 40 to 125 kV

mAs Range:   Tube dependent, max 1000 mAs

Power supply:           24 VDC, 4 amp           120 VAC, 2.5 amp            240 VAC, 1.5 amp

Available configurations:


-10 to 320 mA (30 kW)

-10 to 400 mA (32 kW)

-10 to 500 mA (40 kW)

-10 to 630 mA (50 kW)

-10 to 800 mA (65 kW)

-10 to 1000 mA (80 and 100 kW)


-0.5 to 10 mA-0.5 to 20 mA

-Optional AEC, up to four inputs

-Optional ABS with kV or kV/mA fluoro stabilizer

-Optional remote fluoro control box for tabletop use or SFD mounting

-Optional Dose-Area Product (DAP) display.



Siemens Polydoros Generator Series

PRODUCT CODE: IT-30, IT-55, IT-65, IT-80

Del Medical Siemens Polydoros Generator Series

RF Series

A high frequency, anatomically programmed RF X-ray generator. The RF Series X-ray generators are the standard for a wide range of radiography and fluoroscopy systems. The modular design of the RF family incorporates high versatility and excellent adaptation to all requirements of radiography and fluoroscopy applications. The generators for standard X-ray tube assemblies are available with a nominal power from 30 kW to 55 kW. The generator can be controlled via several interfaces (Ethernet, Can, RS 422, Parallel). The integrated processor system provides excellent accuracy and reproducibility of the radiographic data by performing all control and regulating functions.

Optional Controls

Two control consoles are available: one with membrane keys and one with touch panel operation. For fluoroscopic applications only, touch panel operation is provided. For DR application, a Mini Console is available, which provides on / off and exposure release functionality. To optimize the service life of the tube, the required cooling interval is shown after each exposure.

Del Medical Siemens Polydoros Generator Series Controls

Technical Specifications:

RF Series X-ray Generator :

Maximum mA:            1000

kW rating:                               30 – 80 kW

kVp range:                              60 – 150 kV

Two-point operation: mAs range: 1.0 – 1000

Power supply:            380 V +15% -10%, 50/60Hz ± 3Hz, 3-phase, PE, 

400 V +10% -15%, 50/60Hz ± 3Hz, 3-phase, PE, 

440 V/480 V ± 10%, 50/60Hz ± 3Hz, 3-phase, PE

Available configurations:      – 30 kW (200 mA, 241 mA, 300 mA, 500 mA)

– 55 kW (366 mA, 443 mA, 550 mA, 640 mA)

– 65 kW (433 mA, 524 mA, 650 mA, 1000 mA)

– 80 kW ( 533 mA, 645 mA, 800 mA, 1000 mA)


– Control Console

– External manual exposure switch

– Automatic exposure control (AEC)

– Wall mount for control console

– Parallel interface