ImageWorks’ Handheld X-rays

ImageWorks Generations of Imaging 

For more than 35 years, ImageWorks has been providing the best in imaging solutions to dental health professionals. ImageWorks’ objective is to improve both patient care and practice efficiency by offering solutions that perform at the highest level while seamlessly integrating with your existing technology. ImageWorks understands that technology should conform to the patient, not the other way around.

ImageWorks’ T-100 Handheld X-ray


ImageWorks’ T-100 Handheld X-ray

Save the cost of multiple wall-mounted x-rays

Portable – go to any treatment room

No walking back and forth in and out of the room between exposures

Stay by your patient’s side. 

Allows you to ease your more challenging patients.

Freedom in workflow that can’t be matched by a wall-mounted x-ray

Sharp images that you can count on

0.4 mm focal spot

70 kV output yields strong contrast resolution

Ideal for film or digital

0.4 mm focal spot

Scattershield provides superior protection from scatter radiation

Internal lock-tight shielding eliminates backward radiation from the X-Ray source

Full FDA Approval 

Compliant in every state except for NE, MO, NC, SC

Light weight Neck strap reduces load on the clinician and allows hands-free to adjust patient positioner

Lightweight and high-quality lithium-ion battery

Plug and play

90 minutes for full charge

Lasts all day on single charge (400 exposures)

Intuitive interface

Comfortable and ergonomic

ImageWorks’ T-100 Handheld X-ray
ImageWorks’ T-100 Handheld X-ray



ImageWorks’ Dental Imaging Software


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ImageWorks’ EVAsoft Dental Imaging Software

EVAsoft Dental Image Management software meets the imaging demands of today’s digital practices. A sophisticated software that is easy to learn and simple to operate, EVAsoft has all of the advanced features necessary to deliver rapid, effective diagnoses from multiple imaging modalities. Also, whether your practice management is Dentrix, Eaglesoft, OpenDental, or any other major software platform, EVAsoft integrates seamlessly.

EVAsoft Attributes:

  • Easy-to-Use with Simple Tab Navigation
  • Automatic X-Ray Sequence Selection
  • Automatic Image Save Function
  • Endodontic Exposure Mode
  • Decay and Abscess Detection Tool
  • Automatic Image Contrast Enhancement
  • View X-Rays while modifying Practice Management charts
  • Easily send X-Rays to Insurance Companies and Referring Physicians
  • Integrates with All Major Practice Management Software
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