ImageWorks Veterinary’s Handheld X-rays

Visionary Imaging

ImageWorks Veterinary is the leader in veterinary dental digital and analog x-ray imaging systems for the veterinary practice.

Veterinary dental health is finally being recognized for its importance in total animal health. ImageWorks Veterinary has a complete suite of digital radiography systems designed specifically for dental veterinary use. In fact, the majority of veterinary dentists use ImageWorks Veterinary’s brands. They may be found in virtually all universities, major wet labs and veterinary dental training centers.

Image-VET FLEXX Hand Held X-ray


ImageWorks Veterinary’s Image-VET FLEXX Hand Held X-ray

Portable Intraoral Dental X-Ray System

ImageWorks Veterinary presents the latest generation in the series of Image-Vet™ X-Rays. Featuring complete portability, the Image-Vet FleXX™ sets the standard for veterinary dental radiography.

Image-Vet FleXX™ Features:    

  • Portable – FleXXible to use anywhere
  • Compact & Light – only 4 lbs
  • Safe and easy operation with one hand
  • Take more radiographs, faster
  • No assembly, no installation
  • FDA approved for hand-held use
  • FleXXibility allows radiograph production by one person
  • No arm to drift
  • Oil-cooled Toshiba tube
  • High Frequency 60kV / 2mA
  • High capacity Lithium-ion battery (up to 500 shots per charge)
  • Double lead shielding prevents x-ray leakage
  • Low dose system generates less radiation than conventional systems
  • Double wrist straps for right or left hand operation
  • Right and left exposure buttons for bilateral operation
  • Neck strap for added safety and FleXXibility
  • Back scatter shield for user safety
  • Two battery packs
  • Seamlessly compatible with EVA Vet™ Classic, EVA Vet™ Select II and other high quality Digital Dental Imaging Systems, as well as high speed dental film
  • Compare to Nomad:
  • Weighs less – only 4 lbs
  • Well-balanced and easier to handle – double wrist straps allows operation with either hand
  • Smaller and more compact – easier to manage
  • Neck strap – hands-free portability
  • Costs less!



SuperVista Intraoral Camera


ImageWorks Veterinary’s SuperVista Intraoral Camera

The perfect companion for the EVA Vet™ Digital Dental Sensor!

Take dental diagnostics to the next level with ImageWorks Veterinary’s SuperVista intraoral camera with superior image quality!

This easy-to-use imaging tool has the convenience of an intraoral camera that integrates with a digital dental radiography system. Seamlessly compatible with the EVA Vet™ Digital Dental Imaging System and ViewAll imaging software, the SuperVista has fast USB 2.0 connectivity and does not require external power supplies or proprietary capture cards!

Each SuperVista Camera System Includes:

  • USB Camera
  • USB Cable
  • Wall/Table mounting holster
  • Mounting Screws
  • Driver/Software CD
  • 1 Package of Protective Sheaths
  • User Manual

ViewAll™ 3.2 Veterinary Software


ViewAll™ 3.2 Veterinary Software

ViewAll™ is a unified software application, suitable for acquiring and viewing dental images. Meeting the Veterinary DICOM 3.0 standard, ViewAll™ has a tabbed interface for easy navigation. ViewAll™ is currently available with our EVA Vet™ Digital Dental Sensor, or as an independent software platform.

Now upgraded to version 3.2, ViewAll™ is the solution for veterinary users who want the ease of one software platform for Veterinary Dental digital. ViewAll™ is also perfect for existing EVA Vet™ owners. ViewAll™ now ships standard with all EVA Vet™ units.

ViewAll™ Features:

  • Drastically improves image quality over ProImage software
  • DICOM Send and Receive functionality for easy integration with Veterinary Teleradiology and PACs – good for referrals, teaching and multiple practices
  • New Practice Management mode
  • Additional Templates
  • New “Soft Tissue” MetaTreatment for automatic tissue imaging enhancements
  • Unified software for all ImageWorks Veterinary digital equipment – Train your staff on one application
  • STAT Patient mode for rapid image acquisition
  • Patient Observation Series – allows you to capture and link a series of images over a 32-hour observation period
  • Image History – easily view or modify changes made to an image
  • Tabbed, user-friendly interface ViewAll™ Vet is fully networkable and scalable for any sized clinic or hospital
  • Acquire and view images on multiple monitors
  • And so much more. Contact your ImageWorks Veterinary representative for details


Veterinary Training and Education:

Training and Education Makes the Difference. ImageWorks Veterinary is proud of their proven digital dental imaging equipment.

To help you get the most from the operation of your ImageWorks Veterinary investment, we are pleased to provide a complimentary training series. Each tutorial focuses on techniques, tools or tips to help you maximize the usefulness of your ImageWorks Veterinary digital imaging investment.

ViewAll™ Video Tutorials:

ViewAll™ Understanding the Acquire Tab Video:

ViewAll™ Understanding the Diagnosis View Tab Video:

ViewAll™ Understanding the Patient Tab Video:

ViewAll™ Understanding the Right Click Video:

ViewAll™ Understanding the Study View Tab Screen Video:

ViewAll™ Understanding the Configuration Tool Video: