InnoVet Versa Veterinary System


InnoVet revolutionized veterinary radiography in 1991 with the first x-ray system designed by veterinarians. Since then, InnoVet has manufactured more than 6,000 veterinary x-ray systems, making it the #1 veterinary x-ray manufacturer in the United States. To date, almost 80% of all DVM undergraduates in the United States are trained on an InnoVet. Add to that, the industry’s best warranty and the lowest overall cost of ownership and it’s no wonder InnoVet is the most trusted name in veterinary radiography.


All InnoVet x-ray systems are built in our ISO 9001 certified factory in Chicago, IL. With support staff and materials on-site, most systems and parts can be shipped from our facility the same day.

InnoVet Versa Veterinary System


InnoVet Versa Veterinary System

Versa is for Versatile

Versa is the premiere x-ray system for a practice that plans on upgrading to digital imaging in the future. A broad table design and high-frequency generator can accommodate almost any DICOM compliant digital receptor. So no additional space is required. Versa also comes with an easy-to-use cassette tray that fits a range of cassettes. Our unique collimator is easy to operate with gloved hands and also meets the Federal radiation leakage requirement for human applications.

The x-ray tube can be lowered to table height and turned a full 90 degrees for standing lateral exams. The x-ray tube and cassette tray move in tandem across the entire length of the table so you can adjust the central ray, not the patient.


Our Technical Data Sheets may bore you unless you’re thinking seriously about your installation. In this case, you should already be working with an authorized InnoVet dealer who can tell you what this information means for your practice.

If you’re brave enough to soldier on, your technical data will depend on what kind of x-ray table you plan on purchasing. Choose either the standard Stationary table or the Four-Way Float Top table.


Like any InnoVet system, you should only pay for the bells and whistles that benefit your practice.

For practices with heavy patient volume, Versa offers options that improve precision and speed up your workflow.

Options include:

  • Four-Way Float Top Table
  • Hands-Free Collimator Light
  • Anatomical Programming
  • Foot-Treadle Exposure Switch
  • Lead-Lined Cassette Storage Bins
  • Table-Level Liquid Trough
  • Additional power – up to 500 mA