Vieworks VIVIX-S FXRD-1717VAV Multi-Purpose Portable Flat Panel Detector

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VIVIX-S FXRD-1717VAV Multi-Purpose Portable Flat Panel Detector


Multi-purpose Portable Flat Panel Detector for Digital Radiography.

  • Scintillator
  • CsI:Tl  Cesium
  • High Image Quality with spatial resolution of 140㎛
  • Wide active area of 17″ x 17″
  • Wired Data Transmission Fixed
  • Convenient Usability VXvueTM Viewer software program operated under WindowsTM
  • Veterinary Specific Software
  • Stable and Reliable AED (Automatic Exposure Detection) Needs no connection to an X-Ray Generator Detector AP Mode or Detector Only Mode
  • 5 Year Warranty

Acquisition Workstation

Acquisition Workstation for Veterinary VIVIX-S DR Panel


VieWorks Acquisition Workstation for Veterinary VIVIX-S DR Panels
  • Dell Optiplex Series includes:8th Gen Intel Core i7 vPro Processor (6 Cores/12 MB/3.2 GHz)
  • Preloaded OS: Windows 10 Pro 64
  • 16 GB (2X8GB) DDR4, 2666 MHz UDIMM
  • Intel Integrated Graphics
  • 8x DVD+/-RW 9.5mm Optical Disk Drive, 256GB M.2 SSD OS drive
  • 1TB Local Mini-PACs in a RAID 1 (2 drives total),VxVue with PureImpact™ DR Acquisition Viewer for VIVIX-S Series
  • 24″ LED-backlit LCD Touchscreen Monitor (Advanced Exchange Service, 3 Years)
  • Prosupport Plus Coverage Includes:Next Business Day On-Site 3 Years
  • Keep Your Hard Drive, 3 Years
  • Accidental Damage Service, 3 Years
  • Concurrent Views:Ten (10) Local Area Network (LAN) Viewers
  • DICOM Send – Multi Destination
  • DICOM Print, DICOM MWL Modality Worklist
  • User Friendly Touch Screen GUI
  • Veterinary Measurement Tools Includes:Auto and Manual Selection
  • Archive, Image Preview, Magnify, Zoom, Pan, Annotation, Window Level
  • Rotate, Repeat/Reject, L/R Marker, Vertebral Heart Score, Hip Dysplasia
  • Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


  • Additional Viewing Licenses
  • Laptop or Tablet for Mobile Applications
  • Protective Case with Handle for movable applications