Del Medical Floor Mounted Tube Support FMT18

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Del Medical Floor Mounted Tube Support


Simple and Precise Imaging  The FMT tube stand is easy to use and features an analog angulation display, conveniently positioned finger-tip control buttons, and powerful magnetic locks to ensure steady, accurate tube head positioning. In addition, it only requires a ceiling height of 87 inches, making it one of the lowest ceiling height requirements in the industry.


FMT Tube Stand:

Minimum ceiling height:        Minimum 87″ (221 cm) Column height:          85.5″ (217 cm) Vertical travel:            64.5″ (164 cm) total Floor to focal spot (standard mount): Minimum 11″ (28 cm),Maximum 75.5″ (192 cm) Longitudinal travel:    94″ (239 cm) Transverse travel:      11″ (28 cm) Rail longitudinal length:        120″ (305 cm) Cable support capacity:        88 lbs. (40 kg) Tube stand weight:    460 lbs. (209 kg) Platform assembly weight:   125 lbs. (57 kg) net


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