Del Medical Floor Mounted Tube Support FMT18M

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Del Medical Floor Mounted Tube Support FMT18M


Expert Precision  An advanced, 10.4″ technologist-friendly touchscreen console provides large text readouts and integrated operation of the tube stand. Ergonomically placed movement identification buttons provide optimal accuracy when setting up views. Take advantage of extensive longitudinal and vertical movements, as well as a 180° rotating tube column enabling positioning for cross-table lateral exams. Intuitive Control ​A conveniently placed all-lock release sensor is located just above the bottom section of the tube head handle. This sensor enables rapid manual positioning by allowing the user to simply grab the bottom handle to unlock the system and make swift readjustments.
All Locks Release Sensor (with hand)OTC18M
Del Medical Floor Mounted Tube Support All Lock Release Sensor


FMT18T Tube Stand:

Minimum ceiling height:        Minimum 87″ (221 cm) Column height:          91.3″ (231 cm) Vertical travel:            64.5″ (164 cm) total Floor to focal spot (standard mount): Minimum 11″ (28 cm),Maximum 75.5″ (192 cm) Longitudinal travel:                94″ (239 cm) Transverse travel:                  11″ (28 cm) Rail longitudinal length:        120″ (305 cm) Cable support capacity:        88 lbs. (40 kg) Tube stand weight:                950 lbs. (431 kg) Platform assembly weight:   125 lbs. (57 kg) net Column rotation:                    180° where installation permits Tube rotation:            ±180° detents for lateral decubitus projections Base assembly to rear wall:              8″ (20.5 cm)


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