2020 Imaging P-DR-1012V (Tethered Flat Panel) Detector

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P-DR-1012V (Tethered Flat Panel) Detector takes digital radiography to the next level with the tethered flat panel technology. It provides exceptional image quality at 16-bit|paired with advanced software features and functionality.


Taking digital radiography to the next level with our tethered Flat panel technology is 2020 Imaging’s cassette-sized 1012V. Providing exceptional image quality at 16-bit, paired with advanced software features and functionality. The 10×12 panel uses enhanced Cesium technology and has many unique features to fit the needs of your office configuration.
  • Warranty: 3 years
  •  Imaging Area: 10″ x 12″
  •  Line pair per mm: 4.0
  •  Cassette sized
  •  5.5 lbs
  •  Pixel Matrix: 2000×2400
  •  Off-center Imaging
  •  A/D conversion: 16-bit

Acquisition Workstation

2020 Imaging Acquisition Workstation

PRODUCT CODE: 2020I-AWS State-of-the-art DICOM viewer delivers powerful, intuitive workstation functionality Quick function shortcuts integrated for efficiency, Podiatric (DPM) Tools available WORLDWIDE access: view from anywhere!, High-resolution multi-monitor support, 4k monitor support Customize screen layouts; up to 9 images per monitor. Fully customizable settings to accommodate your specific needs, Compare images (post/pre op), Refresh (see saved/available images, while study is being performed), Custom Toolbox (see top-left of above image), fully customizable annotations/tools Bone Enhancement – reprocess images sharper for enhanced diagnosis Software Integration
  • Acquire Software/Generator Integration.
  • Anatomical Program Selection Preset x-ray techniques & exams.
  • Selection directly at workstation.
  • Superior Image Quality, Sharper images, optimized clarity.
  • Quick view selection.
  • Customizable image sharpness level.
  • Auto Contrast upon processing, Image auto-shutter/crop.
  • Images auto-save during acquisition to Server for immediate access in exam rooms.
  • Business Class Components, Dell Server PC (Full PACS)*, Core i5, 8GB ram
  • 1TB RAID 1 mirror (failsafe system)
  • Space saving Small Form Factor design
  • Dell 24″ LED IPS 2MP Touchscreen Monitor, VESA Wall-mount compatible
  • 10-point Touchscreen, High Quality Display for optimized viewing
Opal-RAD Software
  • Multi-functional Studylist (see above), Burn/Import CDs
  • Compare images (post/pre op), Custom search/query
  • Customize user privileges, Acquisition (see above)
  • Processing Technology: sharper images, clarity
  • Auto Contrast upon processing, Image auto-shutter/crop
  • User friendly, DICOM compliant, DPM Tools
  • 5 additional viewing licenses included
  • WORLDWIDE access: view from anywhere with internet access.
Podiatric Tool-Set
  •  Hallux Interphalangeus, Hallux Abductus, First Intermetatarsal, P.A.S.A., D.A.S.A., Metatarsus Adductus, Total Adductory Angle, Metatarsal Parabola, Metatarsal Protrusion, Talo-Calcaneal
Realtime Cloud Backup
  • Add Cloud-Backup at any time! Add’l fee applies***
  • Live synchronization in the background
  • Secure 448-bit encryption for all data traffic
  • Enterprise grade software (CrashPlan Enterprise)
  • Customizable to meet office bandwidth needs
  • Safe & Secure, Worry-Free


mOpal Software:

mOpal Software
IPAD®, IPHONE®, ANDROID™, BLACKBERRY®, ANY MOBILE OR SMART DEVICE! Combine the versatile Opal-RAD Professional Workstation software with our web-based DICOM Viewer and you have Anywhere, Anytime Viewing now on Any Device. mOpal* (mobile Opal) is a browser-based viewer for reviewing images on Mac, Windows, mobile devices, tablets and smart phones including iPad, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. With mOpal, receive fast access both onsite or remotely**, available with any 20/20 system.
  • Can be accessed on tablets, Macs, and mobile phones
  • Perfect for exam room viewing or offsite consults
  • Zero footprint, no download or app needed
  • Great for referring physicians
  • Same user-name and password as 20/20 Imaging PACS
  • Patient list and images available for anytime viewing
  • Simple patient filter and search
  • View annotations created on OpalWeb
  • Fully customizable settings to accommodate your specific needs
  • Easy to use: tap, drag, and pinch movements to manipulate images


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