Del Medical Ergonomic Wall Stand VS100

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Del Medical Wall Stand


Ergonomic Wall Stand The ultra compact VS100 upright is powered by an electric lock release handle and dual counterweight cables for added patient and user safety. Its expansive vertical travel of 58” (148 cm) enables a complete range of exams from skull to weight bearing knee and ankle exams.


VS100 Wall Stand:

Height (w/ vertical travel):      86″ (220.4 cm) Depth:             13″ (33 cm) Receptor width:         23.3″ (59 cm) Receptor height:       23.4″ (59.4 cm) Weight (with receptor):        258 lbs. (117 kg) Max. focal spot height:          72.4″ (183.8 cm) Min. focal spot height:           14″ (35.6 cm) Power requirements:            24 VDC, 1.25 max. momentary amps


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