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FDR AQRO offers a compact and light-weight digital X-ray system with ultra-high sensitivity and mobility for simple, easy handling in any radiographic situation. The articulating control panel allows rotation, tilting and height adjustment for procedure setting and instant image confirmation from any angle. Convenient on-board FDR ES detector charging and storage bin tilts for applying a protective cover. The high-performance Li-ion battery enables up to 12-hours of continuous use at 20-exposures/hour and rapid charging of 4-hours for a full charge. Additionally, a 15-minute Quick Charge provides up to 1-hour or 20-exposures. Designed with cleanliness in mind, FDR AQRO utilizes Fujifilm’s exclusive Hydro AG antibacterial coating on the primary surfaces and has a flat, cordless body design for easy wipe down.

Package includes: FDR AQRO mobile x-ray solution, one FDR ES 24C detector, accessory case, wipes holder, lead apron hanger, 3 detector batteries, and battery charger.

FDX Console

FDX Console:

  • Performs patient ID, image processing, QA, worklist updates and image transmission
  • Simplified user interface for complete exam processing in as few as 2-3 steps
  • SpeedLink X-ray Control Software – automates exposure techniques to exam menus
  • QC adjustments: exam reprocessing, sensitivity, latitude, density and contrast
  • Advanced Image Processing: Virtual Grid and Dynamic Visualization II
  • Portables Exam Tools: image mag, double-click full-screen zoom, edge enhancement toggle, automatic trimming for offset imaging, shuttering (black borders), movable annotation markers & text annotation and more.


Mobile X-ray System:

  • Maximum Power Output: 2.5kW
  • Tube voltage: 40-100 kV
  • Tube Current Max: 35 mA
  • Focal Spot Size: 1.2 mm
  • Target Angle: 16 degree
  • Anode Heat Capacity: 50kHU (35kJ)
  • SID to Floor: max. 78.7” / min. 14.6”
  • Tube Arm Reach: 34.2”
  • Arm Rotation Range: +/- 15 degrees
  • Tube Rotation Angle: +/- 165 degrees
  • Tube Tilt: -40 to +180 degrees
  • Weight: 198 lbs.
  • Height: collapsed 57.5” / extended 82.5”
  • Width: 23.6”
  • Length: 33.5”

FDR ES 24C flat panel detector

  • Model name: FDR ES C24
  • 24x30cm, 3.5 lbs.
  • CsI: Cesium Iodide scintillator with ISS capture 
  • Image preview in less than 3, processed in less than 9, cycle in less than 11 seconds.
  • 150 Micron Pixel Pitch (1536×1920 pixel matrix)
  • Wireless meets HIPAA requirements for secure patient data transmission


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